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Guy on the bus wearing a red and white letter-jacket (you remember the ones from high school, right?) that had 4 letters emblazoned upon the back of his shoulder blades:

And I couldn't help but wonder how many people on that bus actually branded him a 'commie' because of it. Also couldn't help but wonder how long he has had the jacket and whether or not he knows what the letters are for. Couldn't really tell ethnicity or national background just from looking at him.
I was certainly amused.

That was, the first time all day that I had been amused though... My day started off rather rocky with me being the only person of any consequence in the shop because both of the actual managers were at the monthly meeting... which left me in charge of the worst fucking day in about a month. Not only did my delivery driver -lose- a $600 job, but in the process of losing that one, he managed to deliver a -different- one to the wrong customer... Good lord.

So about 2 hours after I got that cleared up, I spent about 10 minutes attempting to explain copyright law to a customer and gently and politely tell her that no matter what she said, I wasn't going to make copies out of a copyrighted magazine. The customer standing next to her got involved and tried to argue with me as well. I politely told her that she simply didn't need to be involved. I called a manager over from the OfficeMax side of things, and he backed me up on the copyright issue, we sent the irritated customer away without her copies. not 5 minutes later, the second customer (that got involved when she shouldn't have) called me a bastard, told me I was 'power tripping' and then promptly told me to 'stay the fuck away from' her. I politely said "Have a nice day." And walked off, went next door, got a soda, and sat until I was feeling like I wasn't about to rip her fucking head off her god damn throat and shove it up her snide, prissy, cussing, 65-year-old, ass.

It was at about this time that I noticed what exactly my delivery driver had dropped off for us to do for the smaller stores and promptly went back to cussing again when I saw that my workload had just quadrupled for the next 2 days.

I looked at my phone about halfway home and realized that the girlie had called me at 6:50... My mood immediately got far far better. I like that about her. No matter how tired I am, she energizes me. No matter how grumpy I am, simply the fact that she called makes me feel better. :)

Going to deathguild tonight. The girlie will probably not be there. I intend to dance my irritated/grumpy/bastard/power-tripping ass off just to get rid of some of this energy.

YAY, Phone ringing! It's the girlie!

I really like how she makes me feel better and giggle like a little school-boy. Infatuation is so neet. Yay! and Wow!


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