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Oh dear lord

Why must I know all the greatly amusing people?

So the first picture is Sydney, whom some of you might know from Deathguild... She described herself as desssed as "A U.S. operative, assassin-type ass-showing, Street Fighter goodness.".. Ok. That was at FanimeCon 2004. Here's the clip with just her (quicktime):

Then I got bored and spent some time browsing through the other videos on kwoon.com and came across this one of WonderCon 2004. Yes, that's Devian (DJ Purgatory) and his girlfriend Adana... Apparently they met while she was menstrating. No, I'm not making this up... here's the clip:

I expect to print some of these pics out to use as blackmail. Yay for my friends! I shall make them buy me a drink at the next La Luna Rouge. ;)


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