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Yay for pictures! Here's one of the girlie in the Netherlands. I'm certainly amused.

On another note: I just found a movie from FanimeCon this year and it happens to have a tidbit in it with a friend of mine from Deathguild... Sydney... dressed as a "US operative assassin, ass-showing, street-fighter goodness."... Yup, that's Sydney alright... I need to print out a couple frames of the movie to use as blackmail.

Here's the addy of that: http://www.kwoon.com/theater/FanimeCon.mov

Very very amused by the video as a whole, but seeing someone I know was hilarious.

On another note entirely, I'm very amused with the separation of church and state conversation that I've got going over on ishokunaeppy's journal... I think I just found my latest victim. Yay for silly people that don't understand what the separation of church and state truly does for them.

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