Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

So today I went and did some shopping.

and came home with nothing but less money... Ok... Not really shopping... I went down to the DMV and got my license changed over, and registered to vote.

I registered to vote. ¹

By god, if I can go out and register to vote, then so can the rest of you lazy assholes, especially if it will contribute to getting George W. Bush out of the White House next term.

I swung through the local used clothing store and found a pair of New Rock boots. «Excellent!» I said to myself... Then I realized that they were about a size too small for me. «Damn!» I said when I realized that they were nearly $200 cheaper that they would have been new, and they still looked new... So I didn't get any new boots.

It's been a while since I've done a real substantial post. Primarily because life has simply been very very busy. What little spare time I have had, I've tried to spend with Heather, or catching up on sleep.

Speaking of Heather: She and I are still together. ☺ Like any relationship, we have our ups and downs, but we're still many many more ups than downs. I love hear dearly and she still amazes me every day. ♥

I've taken quite a few new pictures ﴾like 300﴿, but I'm not going to post them until I have a chance to go through and sort them all. I've got lots of people that I caught unawares, some at clubs, some at coffeeshops, and some just walking down the street. It's facinating the things that you can catch with a camera. If any of you have specific requests of the type of picture that you'd like to see me do, or a specific item/model that you'd like me to shoot, let me know. ☺

I've got to get back to work on this project I'm doing so I can have it done by Saturday. I hope you've all been well, and if there's something that I should know because you expect me to read livejournal, tell me.... I don't have time to read them all anymore. ☺


1. I am now waiting for my registration card, but I will be voting in this year's presidential election.

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