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Pity the walls we build for the sake of social normalcy.

I am starting a large phone sex business in July and need skilled phone operators.

Naturally, you must have a sultry, sexy voice and the ability to speak in a "dirty," erotic fashion.

Since our company will earn money based on how long operators can keep customers on the line it behooves us to hire women who can stuttter. It is logical that a woman who speaks with difficulty will take a longer time with each customer than a skilled speaker would. And bring in more money!

For instance you may say to an amorous fellow, "W-w-what are y-you w-w-w-wearing?" or "I-I-I-I'm t-t-t-touching my-my-myself." Most phone sex companies average 12 minutes per customer while we plan to average 20.

If you are a stuttering woman (or one who can expertly pretend to stutter), age 20-50, we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail your response and include some ORIGINAL sexy lines that are spelled out the way you will speak them (like the 2 above examples).

Also, let us know why you think you would excel at this job.

Th-th-th-thank you,
Y-y-your Operator

Some days I amuse even myself.


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