Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Googlisms for the evening:

xander is never without his cloak of protection +3
xander is the one person whose fault it is not
xander is such a demon magnet is because he is a demon himself
xander is in the 95th percentile on height
xander is always there with a witty remark or funny joke
xander is real dangerously sane
xander is a nondescript looking man
as well as,
xander is guilty of crimes against fashion
I'm amused!
jay is between 9 and 12 inches long
jay is also ranked as a 6th dan in judo
jay is more then just a sexy stud
jay is a guy who knows how to use the modern to serve the past
jay is a common and conspicuous denizen of the west
jay is a symbol of the proper use of power
jay is a big mountain; it may not have as many 'trails' as other places
jay is the culprit who is doing this mischief and is the root of harassment
and of course,
jay is 'the master of disco scratch'
And about our wonderful tool:
google is in fact a company
google is probably archiving all of your images
google is a part of my brain
google is a careless custodian of private information
google is a harsh mistress
google is watching you
google is stalking me
google is not god
google is skynet

Now, don't make a new trend and go googlism yourself, post it to your blog, and expect comments. I'm doing this spontaneously. Don't be a copycat and just do with your journal what everyone else is doing.
I wouldn't be writing this, but when I posted my last question about "Why did you first start reading my journal?", it was repeated the next day by 6 people on my friends list. I was genuinely curious, and I really appreciated all the answers I got.


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