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House Of Voodoo.

Pictures I took on April 16th at House of Voodoo, primarily up in the Electrolounge. If you see a picture of you in here and you would like me to remove it from the gallery, please contact me and I will be happy to do so.

Things of note in this set of pictures:
13 is DJ Voodoo (Mike), the guy that runs House of Voodoo.
53 is DJ Purgatory (Devian), the guy that runs the club I work for - La Luna Rouge.
25, 26, and 51 are my wonderful girlfriend. She's always so photogenic. :)
I absolutely love the way that the following ones came out:

The rest of them are only mediocre at best, but this is all without any touchups or trimming or image manipulation so far. These are all just straight from the camera.

The rest of the gallery is available here:

Comments welcome. If you want to know who any of the rest of the people are, just ask.

I worked an 11 hour shift today because the other idiot (the reason I was hired) was a no-call/no-show today. That's ok, I got a paid 1-hour lunch, and they bought the store dinner for the monthly meeting. After that, my boss Joe took me and the other guys in CopyMax 'out for a beer'. We were done with our drinks before the rest of OfficeMax was done with their meetings. I get to do some cross-training material design tomorrow so that I won't have to spend quite so much time in the future training new recruits.

I would like to point out that working the Hub Copymax for the Bay Area district alone, from open to close, really sucks. I hope to never have to do that again. I'll hire someone myself if they try to make me do that next week. On a plus note, I'm taking Tuesday off to spend some much needed time with Heather. I've been missing her.


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