Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Got an e-mail from my mother a day or two ago... I think it deserves publication here:

Hey Kids,
Guess what Dick did for my birthday! He got my name (in a heart) tatooed on his shoulder! This, from a serious academic who had never considered "body art" seriously!

Your incredulous Mommm

I'm rather split on the issue. Just the fact that he got her name tattooed in a heart on his shoulder tells me that he's serious, but also that while she maintains that he has 'never considered "body art" seriously, I still think that he hasn't taken it seriously. I can think of many better things that he could have done to himself for her on her birthday. First on that list would be that he could have quit drinking. Not just for the positive effect it would have on most people's view of him, but primarily on the effect that drinking less has on your body. He would have been giving her a 'healthier' him. Oh well.


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