Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

w00t again.

Again from /., this time on an article about the first Trojan found for Mac OS X.

Average Windows users know command lines?! What kind of fucked up world do you live in?

The average Windows user doesn't know how to map a network drive; doesn't know how to properly unmount a USB Storage Device in Win2k; doesn't know how to CANCEL PRINT JOBS if there isn't an annoying window from the bullshit software that pops up when you print.

The average Windows user doesn't know how to format a disk; doesn't know how to look at a full mail header, doesn't know how to Mail Merge.

The average Windows user doesn't differentiate between hard disk and "memory"; doesn't know how to clear the Recent Documents; doesn't know how to change their password.

The average Windows user hasn't used net send, ping, or even winipcfg. They don't know where to change the resolution on their monitor; they only change the Background from a right-click menu in Internet Explorer.

They have never intentionally used an F-Key that wasn't modded to do something special on their multimedia keyboard. They have no idea that Ctrl-F6 will switch between panes, so you don't need to click back and forth when designing a table in Access.

They don't know that Print Screen copies their screen to the Clipboard. Hell, they don't know what the Clipboard is.

The average Windows user doesn't know what Temp files are; has no concept of file permissions, can't make a Pivot Table; doesn't know how to uninstall programs; Has at least two things in their system tray they can't identify; has never performed a full backup of their data; and certainly has never touched their Registry.

Even tech support often doesn't know enough about the command line, like using "~1" doesn't mean you don't need the extension, or that Program Folder 8.1.1 becomes Progra~1.1 or that you can type the whole damn thing in quotes.

Maybe ten years ago the average Windows user knew something about the command line, but not anymore.

I love it when people are right.


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