Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Today's post brought to you by the letter: <hr />

I not only have a 'j0b' now, I also have a 'sch3dul3'!

10:00am-6:30pm Tuesday - Saturday (for training) this week, and then approximately the same hours Friday - Monday after that.

This does, unfortunately, encompass all three of Heather's days off this week. Fortunately, I will be off of work at about the time that she gets home from work, so we will still have evenings together. :) This will definitely have a detrimental impact on my clubbing. Ah well, such is life.

Apparently I might be getting some visitors from Albuquerque out here some time soon. We shall see if I can slip them into my current circle of people without anyone noticing. ;) Lova ya Sparky, I look forward to seeing you.

In other news, I did recently complete enough work on http://www.lalunarouge.com/ that I consider it to be 'done' for the moment. I'm gonna have a 'sit-down and chat' session with Devian and Alycen about it (supposedly today), and we'll see where it goes. :)

I'm busily burning through a couple of books right now:
The Nudist on the Late Shift - by Po Bronson
Excellently written so far, but definitely not a book for everyone. A lot of social commentary that is specific to the Bay Area.
The Unix Programming Environment - by Kernighan/Pike
Very educational, especially considering that it is dated 1984 as publication. It's amazing how little some things change in 20 years. I'm going to pick up a C++ book after I'm finished with this. Suggestions requested!
And my recent accomplishment in the reading world was to read all 11 of the currently available Wheel of Time books in 29 days.

My next web project is going to be to switch digitalgoth.com over to a php-base and get some sort of webmail installed and running. I'm open to suggestions on what webmail software to use. Looking for something open-source that will run on a Redhat 7.2 Linux box. Currently going to look at the Horde/IMP system.

Today I officially got my first piece of junk-mail. Not spam e-mail, actual honest-to-god junk-mail, in the mailbox, from Mastercard. No, I really haven't ever gotten an unsolicited personally addressed solicitation of business before today. Oh well, they had to notice me eventually. This tells me that some credit reporting agency has my information and has put it up for auction. I need to find them...

That's all for today's long edition. Some quotes to follow next... don't worry, those will have an lj-cut tag.


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