Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Amusing... and probably not exactly work safe... no pictures this time though.

Your sexual confidence inspires you to be bold.
So when you want some eating done, it will be told
Your taste is refreshing - and maybe a little fruity,
Unless the licking is being done to your booty...

You're a romantic at heart - which is quite sweet.
You fall quickly and often for many people you meet.
While you're romantic, you've been know to crawl up with a dirty book.
Warning to all: You're not as innocent as you may look.

Between a spanking and a time out, you know what to choose...
Valentine's Day isn't perfect, without a baseball sized bruise.
Forget chocolate! It's all about taking a bite out of you.
You don't mind a little scratch marks mixed in too!

When people say V-day is romantic, they're not wrong.
It's just that you're idea of romance is doing it all night long.
So screw the dinner, the cards, and the roses.
You'll show love by doing it in many poses.

Your body will inspire many presents to be bought,
No wonder - you scored a perfect ten at HotOrNot!
You'll be showered with flowers, dinner, and dessert.
All you've got to do in return is take off your shirt.

Hope you all enjoyed today's lesson in poetry, and we look forward to seeing you all here again next week for the next session. Same gaff time, same gaff channel.


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