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Just because I actually feel the need to post.

I'm over at Heather's house right now, she and her sister are watching TV... Some sort of reality show. correction, they're watching "Crazy in Alabama"... the reality show is next...

We're headed to the Return Of The King Ball put on by PEERS on February 7th. Next week is going to be busy:

Monday: Deathguild (Glas Kat)
Tuesday: Rest...
Wednesday: TekNoir (Oakland)
Thursday: Mercy (DNA Lounge)
Friday: The Darkest Hour (The Cherry Lounge)
Saturday: PEERS Ball (Masonic Lodge of San Mateo)
Sunday: Rest...

DigitalGoth.com has gotten almost 12k hits this month alone! I'm very very happy about that. With over 1200 individual unique sites visiting me, I've got a fairly large listener base. If any of you would like to do some work for me on a regular basis and keep me informed of other big cities around the country, I'd certainly be interested. I keep track of San Francisco myself, and have 2 people in Albuquerque relay me information fairly regularly. I'd love to have someone in New York, Denver, Boston, etc etc etc. Lemme know if you're interested.
In other news about the website, I've got a favicon, and a custom 404/403 page now. Go check them out, I want opinions!

I found it rather amusing when I made the connection between Evil Pete (the guy that took the pic of me and Heather) and the Dis.Org Crew that DJSparkydog said he hung out with at defcon. Very very amused to say the least.

In other news, Heather's christmas present for me got here a week ago, I just hadn't had a chance to post about it yet. Here's what she got me: Flamberge Rapier If that link doesn't work, then check http://www.museumreplicas.com/ for a "Flamberge Rapier"...
I cursed a lot when I found out how much she spent on my christmas present, but damn, I love this sword. :)

On the subject of the coffeeshop: Lisa had her baby. Ethan is his name. 7lbs, 2oz. on January 27th. Perfectly healthy both of them, but they're keeping them until Saturday or Sunday in the hospital. I don't know details, but I would imagine it probably has something to do with the fact that her doctor probably isn't comfortable with a new mother being over 40 years old. I'm proud of the woman, even if she and I don't seem to be getting along right now. Peter is immensely happy and very very tired when I saw him last.

Any questions?


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