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A -real- update?!

Tonight is Krys's b-day party, and deathguild. I will be at Deathguild, but not the party at Krys and Rob's house. I look forward to seeing you all at the club on the newly renovated dancefloor.

Not having Deathguild last week definitely made me realize how much the dancy part of me needs to get out of the house and physically exert myself. Maybe I'll take up some sort of exercise regime... It's bound to cost less than clubbing. :)

On a side note, I love Heather. She amazes me more every time I see her. Yes, she does read this. :)
Those of you on Friendster can catch a glimpse here:
(if you're in my network of friends you can... and if you're reading this, you should be... if you're reading this and you aren't in my friendster list, GO ADD ME! http://www.friendster.com/user.jsp?id=812189 )


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